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When Bob Guccione tried to buy the storefront space in order to open an establishment to be named the Meat RackWAP alerted neighborhood residents, who protested and defeated the proposed deal. According to Alice Echols in"[t]he cultural feminists of WAP appeal to women's sense of sexual vulnerability and the resilience of gender stereotypes in their struggle to organize all women into a grand and virtuous sisterhood to combat male lasciviousness. Whitehouse had taken up other campaigns against the permissive society by the early s. She was the founder and first president of the National Viewers' and Listeners' Associationthrough which she led a longstanding campaign against the BBC. Letters From the Mary Whitehouse Archivep. Letters from the Mary Whitehouse ArchiveLondon:

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Because this was a general Act, there was no possibility of defence on the basis of artistic merit, unlike that permitted under the Obscene Publications Act

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Not Safe for Work: Why Feminist Pornography Matters

Can feminists walk the line? Retrieved 25 July For a producer to be allowed, as now appears possible, to prejudice the effectiveness of our Civil Defence Services, or the ability of the British people to re-act with courage, initiative and control in a crisis, surely goes far beyond the responsibility" which should be given to someone in this role. Time February 7, He was, according to Whitehouse, "the devil incarnate" [16] who "more than anybody else Simon Farquharin an obituary for The Independent of the series' creator, Richard Carpenterwrote that Whitehouse "objected to the [show's] relentless slaughter and blasphemous religious elements, but was deftly silenced by Carpenter in public when he introduced himself to her and the audience by saying "I'm Richard Carpenter, and I'm a professional writer.

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